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JEFF EASTIN: This, right here—you know, coming up… One of the best moments in the series, I think. I gotta ask you, Tim. Right here… This hand on the hair, here, was that just in the moment? ‘Cause that’s—right there—that’s one of my favorites.
TIM DEKAY: Yeah, that was just in the moment.

White Collar 1x10; Vital Signs [audio commentary]

Top 10 White Collar relationships (as voted by my followers)

01.  Neal and Peter

"Out of all the people in my life, Mozzie, even Kate… You’re the only one. The only person in my life I trust.”


Neal, if ever you do decide to grow up, you should realize this one thing.

Neal & Peter hugs (2x14, 4x01, 5x13)

White Collar  |  3 ships [3/3]
     → Neal x Peter