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@lucyhale: Why are condiments so good ? Seriously … I dream of ketchup, cholula, and ranch. Honorable mention for sriracha. This tweet is pointless.

You Sound Good To Me | Behind the Scenes

"I drink too much coffee and laugh too loud."

“It’s hard being a girl. We strive to be and look like people other than ourselves, and I sort of got sucked into that. You are never pretty enough or skinny enough. I feel like once you stop focusing on yourself so much and break out of analyzing everything about who you are and what you look like, you have a better perspective. Now I’m not trying to be something I’m not. I know what I believe in. I know my morals and I know what I have to offer. I am a five-foot-two girl with big eyebrows and I’m fine with it.”

There is nothing else that I would rather do than sing. I have such a great passion for it. Even if I don’t become successful or famous I am still going to continue singing.


@lucyhale: Just saw a mom pulling a little girl on a ladybug car suitcase at the airport. Where can I get one of these? And who is going to pull me? 

 / Be true to yourself, stay grounded, and remember who you are.

My definition of beauty uhm… isn’t necessary you know the outward appearance. The people I find most beautiful are the ones that I feel like you can tell they have like a heart of gold or if  they’re like a really good person and I feel like that shows through uhm.. but if we’re talking physically. I really love people that embrace their flaws and like a distinct feature that sort of make them different. - Lucy Hale