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favorite character meme ★ [5/6] quotes

favorite character meme ★ [3/6] quotes

It’s not childish to hold on to hope. It’s actually hard. Your son wants to believe some things can work out for the best. 

favorite character meme ★ [1/6] quotes

i’m here for the ladies → izzie stevens

It’s how men see me. I’m not a smart girl or an interesting girl, I’m a pretty girl. The blonde and the boobs, it confuses guys into thinking that I’m someone else. And I’m used to it. And I’m used to them walking away when they realize…but then Denny goes and asks me to marry him. He doesn’t make me feel like I’m a pretty girl. He makes me feel like, like me. 


favorite character meme ★ [2/2] emotions - sad

grey’s anatomy meme: three storylines

↳ izzie’s cancer (3/3)

fangirl challenge — [1/10] favorite female characters: Izzie Stevens
"They’re human beings. You do know what a human being is don’t you Evil Spawn?"


all the ladies i love ★ izzie stevens (grey’s anatomy)

let’s look at that tattoo up close and personal, shall we? what are these? oh, my god! breasts! how does anybody practice medicine hauling these things around? and what have we got back here? let’s see if i remember my anatomy. gluts, right? lets study them, shall we? gather around and check out the booty that put izzie stevens through med school! you wanna call me dr. model? that’s fine. just remember that while you’re still sitting on two hundred grand of student loans, i’m out of debt.