“No matter how long you have to wait.

What you don’t know about: The Pacey/Joey/Dawson Triangle.
Kevin Williamson:
“And then I kept thinking, one thing I’ve learned in my life is that my soulmate isn’t necessarily my romantic love. Joey chooses Pacey because her childish love for Dawson has given way to her grown-up love for Pacey.


make me choose » anonymous asked: jen lindley or joey potter

do you really love me though? because I’m fifteen years old and i go through every day of my life thinking that nobody loves me.


get to know me meme: (3/5) friendships - jack mcphee and jen lindley

i’m scared that i’m gonna end up alone. i’m scared that i’m always gonna be someone’s friend, or brother, or confidant but never quite someone’s everything. mostly i’m scared i’m never gonna meet a guy that i love as much as i love you.

I mean from the second that I stepped out of that cab onto the creek I was the instigator, you know, the girl who caused problems and rocked the creek and upset the delicate emotional balance of Capeside and I don’t want Amy to be that person. I want her to belong, I feel like I never really did.

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