oth meme: one wedding [1/1]

That day nobody believed that this would work, but I don’t think anybody understood the love that I had for you. Because if they did, they would have never doubted us.

Over the past year I’ve learned so much about life and love. And even if I could, I wouldn’t take back all the bad stuff that’s happened between us, ‘cause it brought us here, to this moment, this river. Marry me, Haley. Marry me again in front of all our friends and our family.


❝ Don’t say I never gave you a n y t h i n g. 

haley/nathan - season one

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haley james scott appreciaton week → day six: favorite relationship [1/2]

They haven’t invented words for how much I l o v e y o u.

haley james scott appreciation week | Day 6: favourite relationship
Someday, this beach might wash away, the oceans may dry, the sun could dim, but on that day, I’ll still be loving you. Always and forever.

HALEY JAMES SCOTT APPRECIATION WEEK ● Day 6 - Favorite relationship
Nathan, it’s been said that there’s one word that will free us from the weight and the pain of life, and that world is love. And I believe that. That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been hard, or that it won’t be, it just means that I’ve found a stillness and bravery in myself, with you. You make me brave. And I will love you until the end of time.

Haley James Scott Appreciation Week » Day 6: Favorite Relationship

"Don’t say that you’ve never given me anything because you have given me an amazing life. And I do love you so."

HALEY JAMES SCOTT APPRECIATION WEEK » day one: favorite scene(s)

You have nothing?! You have a beautiful son who is here! I am here!

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